Marine Batteries

Marine and Boat BatteriesLooking for the power to get you there and back while enjoying all your onboard accessories?

Only specialty marine batteries have been designed with today’s boating in mind.

Before you choose a battery, spend some time and make a list of all the accessories you need to run PLUS your motor’s horse power so your Wil-Tow Batteries expert can help you determine the correct battery.

A well maintained marine battery can assist with powering all your onboard accessories such as digital compasses, lights, console equipment, radios, fridges, powered anchors, GPSs etc while giving you peace of mind that you’ll have enough power to start your trip back.

We stock a large range of low maintenance and maintenance-free marine starting and deep cycle batteries ensuring you get the right battery for specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss your battery requirements with one of our experts. Or call us on 1800 945 869.

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